Career Opportunity

Zambia Postal Services is an equal opportunity employer and provides job opportunities for Zambians throughout the Country. Being a service provider, the Corporation employs a large number of operators such as Postmen/Women and Postal Officers who discharge the function of the mail delivery service.

Postmen/Women normally work in the Circulation Branch, which is the mail processing section of a Post Office and are also involved in the delivery of mail to physical addresses.

Postal Officers, on the other hand, man the counters in the Post Offices and are the first contact persons of the Post Office with the public.

The entry qualifications for these two cadres of staff are Grade 12 certificates.


Being a business entity, Zampost also has job opportunities in other fields such as Accounts, Human Resource, Legal and Transport.  Vacancies in these fields are however available as and when need arises.  When a vacancy is created, it is advertised and applicants are subject to interviews.

Career progression

Zampost being a highly diversified Service Provider creates a lot of opportunities for its employees to progress and multi skill.  Employees are encouraged to study and improve their credentials so as to increase their chances of promotion.  Hard work and dedication to duty is also recognized and rewarded accordingly.

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