ZamPost Microfin Loan Calculation
  1. Gross Pay:
  2. Statutory Deductions:
  3. Outstanding Loans-Other lenders:
  4. Loan Amount being sought:
  5. Tenor (in months):
  6. Rate of Interest:
  1. Net Pay for Loan Purposes:
  2. 40% of Net Pay:
  3. Amount Available for Servicing loan:
  4. Monthly Repayment:
  5. Total Loan Repayment:
  6. The Loan You Qualify For is:
Gross Pay = Basic pay + Housing allowances + other permanent allowances.
Statutory Deductions = PAYE + Union dues + NAPSA, Personal levy as stated on the Payslip.


Introducing yet another outstanding Zampost innovation! The Civil Servants Salary Payment project, approved by the Secretary to Cabinet Dr Roland Msiska; and licensed by the Bank of Zambia is here. The vision of this project is to provide convenience to many civil servants especially those serving in the rural parts of the country where there are no banking services. It is also intended to provide an alternative salary payment service in urban areas.


Zampost Cars Bureau has made it possible for the Zambian people to order and pay for a vehicle from Be Forward, Trust Company Japan or Real Motor Japan from any Post Office in Zambia: This gives customers;
- Shorter payment confirmation periods
- Shorter shipping periods
- Protection from Cyber fraud
- Lower transfer fees in comparison to alternative payment channels
- Peace of mind

SUBscribe for dstv and gotv at the post office

Take advantage of the Post Office near you and Subscribe for DStv and GOtv. DStv and Gotv Decoders are also available for sale at selected Post Offices.

Philately STOCK

The Philatelic Bureau is a specialised unit of the Post Office which caters for the needs of philatelists (stamp collectors) by providing high quality stamps, first day cover, stamp booklets and souvenir sheets. Stamp designing which depicts the culture, flora and fauna of our country is done under this unit.

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